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We rely on financial support from people like you to operate. Donate today and make a lasting investment in a precious life.





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As a thank you, you’ll receive 2 Lighthouse for Life t-shirts & Recognition as a Grace Partners on our website.


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EVERYTHING mentioned above. + The opportunity to sponsor a variety of community events such as baseball games, painting classes, movie nights & MORE!

Lighthouse for Life is made possible by those kind and caring individuals that give of their time, talents, and financial resources to our organization. With assistance from people like you, we are able to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by human trafficking and work to decrease the number of future victims. There are many ways that you can get involved and help change a life. Whether you volunteer at an event, help spread the word in your community, or give with a monthly donation, you can be part of the change.


Education is an important part of combatting human trafficking. Many people are not aware of the issue or how it can significantly affect the lives of victims. By informing your family and friends about human trafficking and letting them know about Lighthouse for Life, you can start making a difference today. One of the ways you can help is by using social media to get the word out about this important issue. Though it may not seem like a big responsibility, sharing facts and statistics about human trafficking can help raise awareness within your own community and encourage others to get involved. Please take advantage of our Human Trafficking FAQs and other  Resources. Be a voice – make a difference.


As part of our dedication to education, we would love the opportunity to come discuss the impact of human trafficking in our communities as well as the mission of Lighthouse for Life. By inviting a Lighthouse for Life team memeber to speak to your church, youth group, civic organization, school, family, or friends and you are helping raise awareness about this important issue and encourage new supporters of the cause. Use the convenient form below to request a speaker today!



Become a volunteer with Lighthouse for Life. Your various gifts and talents help greatly to meet our various needs and there are many different way you can get involved!

  • Helping in Our Office: On Thursdays from 9:30 - 11:30am, volunteers come in to help with things like preparing resources to pass out, stuffing envelopes, printing information, rolling and tagging T-shirts, and any other administrative needs that might arise.
  • Picking Up & Delivering Freedom Bags or Other Resources: Our Freedom Bag ministry helps victims through law enforcement and agencies like Victim Advocates who have direct contact with the victims. However, we always need help gathering the bags from those who make them as well as delivering them to the correct locations. Sometimes we also need volunteers to pick up items from printers or various companies and bring them to the office.
  • Helping at Awareness Events: When we speak at different places, there are often needs that come with these events including providing food or baked goods, helping set up and clean up, managing our information table (you don't have to be able to answer any questions about human trafficking), helping to sell T-shirts, etc.
  • Helping with Fundraising Events: From time to time, we have fundraising events where we need people to help with preparation, set up, clean up, organization, managing a table for us, etc.
  • Graphic Design: If you are good with graphic design, please let us know! We appreciate help with designing flyers, brochures, and other print material for various events.
  • Karis Home: Soon, we'll be looking for help with our residents in our Safe House program. Due to the safety and security of this program we cannot bring very many on board in this area and those that we do invite will need to go through an application/background check/training process beforehand. Help may include assistance with education needs, teaching life skills, being a mentor, etc.

Have an idea for an event or fundraiser? Please let us know! Many of our events come about because someone in the community has an idea and lets us know about it (holiday market, jewelry party, paint and pour, basketball camp, etc.). If you have an idea, we'd love to hear it!

Contact us today and let us know which ways you're interested in volunteering!


Support our Freedom Bag Ministry

The Freedom Bag Ministry is back in business. *Printable Description & Flyer

Freedom Bags are given to agencies all over South Carolina who work with girls who may be victims of sex trafficking. They are full of items to make each girl feel valued and cared about. These helping professionals use the Freedom Bags as a very importnat tool to build rapport and show kindness to these potential victims. If you’d like to contribute to this ministry here are the steps:

  • Buy a new small/medium backpack with no logos. Bags with zippers are best.
  • Fill it with the list of approved purchased items as listed below: (Note: NOTHING from hotels/motels)
    • Acceptable Items include but are not limited to - Shampoo/Conditioner, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, Body Wash or Soap, Loofah or Wash Cloth, Face wipes, Lotion, Hair brush, Comb, Hair ties, Feminine Hygiene Products, Notebook, Journal, Mini flashlight, Pens, Refillable water bottle, Small blanket, Encouraging note or card, Bible, New Underwear, Socks, Sports Bra, Loose fitting workout pants or yoga pants, solid colored T-shirt (no logos -  Keep clothing sizes in bag consistent).
    • Non Acceptable Items: Mouthwash, hand sanitizer, anything aerosol, hair gel, hair spray, nail polish, nail clippers, tweezers, metal nail files, perfume, glue, bobby pins, lighters, candles, matches, roll-on deodorant, baby oil, shaving gel, razors, tank tops, shorts, pajamas, no sample items, no logo items or products. 
    • Please - No used items, no food, candy or gum. 
  • Contact our Freedom Bag Coordinator, Kelli Townsend @ 321-258-7165 or about how/when/where to donate your bag when you’re ready, or if you have any questions.
  • You may also contact Kelli if you would like to join the team as a volunteer to deliver Freedom Bags to our partner agencies. 
  • If you work for an agency you believe would be a good candidate to recieve Freedom Bags please contact Kelli as well to find out.


In our dedication to combating crimes against children, we have chosen an outstanding curriculum called the Empower Youth Program from iEmpathize. At the heart of our curriculum is the concept of empathy, an active response to the suffering of others, and a characteristic that our culture is in great need of cultivating. Few of us are completely apathetic (choosing to disregard another’s suffering), but many of us get stuck in sympathy (feeling badly for the suffering of others). Empathy (understanding and actively engaging another’s suffering) is the solution to issues of exploitation, from familiar forms, such as bullying at school to more extreme acts like human trafficking.

By inspiring students to develop empathy for those around them, our curriculum distinguishes itself as an exploitation awareness tool as well as a character education program with far reaching transformative potential for your school, classroom, or youth programs. The purpose of the Empower Youth Program, therefore, is to empower students with strategies to stay safe from exploitation.

Intended for youth ages 12 and up, each 25 minute lesson includes optional extension activities increasing to 60 minutes programs.

Program Features:

  • Flexibly designed for many youth-serving environments, including schools, juvenile corrections environments, after-school programs, individual counseling sessions, and more.
  • Five lesson units comprised of two short films per lesson, discussion questions, learning activities, and assessment options.
  • Supplemental Friendly: The program can be integrated into existing curricula or existing initiatives. It aligns with national standards in Health Education, Counseling, and Common Core (Language Arts and Social Studies).
  • The most impactful feature of the program is its teen showcase. Rather than featuring adults, the media content is led by youth who speak from their experiences of learning to navigate vulnerability.

Free Webinar: What Is Trafficking and How Can Schools Help


For more information, contact Debby Spratt at

Coffee on a Mission

Give $10 to Lighthouse for Life through Coffee on a Mission and receive a bag of roasted-to-order whole bean coffee!


Purchase some beautiful jewelry from Bravelets – for every item purchased, $10 will be donated to Lighthouse for Life!


Make a difference while you shop! AmazonSmile donates a percentage of sales to Lighthouse for Life each time you shop using their website. Simply select Lighthouse for Life as your default organization before you check out.

To help send needed items to our Safe Home, visit our Amazon Wish List today!


We believe Christ needs to be at the center of all that we do. We covet your prayers! If you’d like to join our prayer team and receive regular requests, please let us know.

Public Policy

Lighthouse for Life Public Policy Objective:

Protect vulnerable populations from the trauma, exploitation, degradation and humiliation of commercial sex, by making South Carolina a hostile environment for sex buyers, pimps and traffickers through the following actions:

  1. Educate the public that sex buyers are the root cause of sex trafficking and prostitution and build community intolerance against this practice.
  2. Encourage law enforcement to aggressively work both solicitation (purchasing sex) and trafficking in persons crimes.
  3. Advocate for amendments to the criminal code to increase deterrence for sex buyers and strengthen the tools available to Law Enforcement and the Judiciary.
  4. Advocate for Human Trafficking Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training for Judiciary, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement.

Seeking volunteers interested in working on this objective. Must have intense desire to learn at both the academic and street level. Able to stay motivated over a period of years in the face of: repeated rejection, failure, unreturned phone calls, too busy to bother and unwillingness to change. Will not be deterred by heavy investment in time and energy with little or no meaningful results.

The Director of Public Policy for Lighthouse for Life is Bob Healy. If you would like to join this team, please contact Bob at

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Lighthouse for Life T-shirts

Help spread the word about Lighthouse for Life and support the fight against Human Trafficking by purchasing a “grace wins” and “let there be light” T-shirts. These are sold locally at The Haven Coffee House (121 E. Main St, Lexington, SC 29072) & The Peanut Man (3905 Fernandina Rd, Columbia, SC 29210) If you would like to volunteer to help with sales, inventory or distribution OR to purchase a shirt directly from Lighthouse for Life please contact our Sales Coordinator, Kelli Anthony at 803.681.0791 or



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